Training ground equipment

Training ground equipment

If you are passionate about horse riding

in our store you will also find a full range of products that allow for a variety of horse training.

Instead of the typical obstacle stick, we present – cavaletti. The design gives you the possibility of adjusting the height, so you can perfectly prepare the horse for jumping over full-size obstacles. In our comprehensive offer you will of course find a wide selection of stands – both training and parkur. The stands are available in steel and aluminum versions. We offer parkour stands in interesting, original shapes. Precisely made, they not only fulfill their function, but are an element of the aesthetic design of the square. To complete a fully equipped and functional parkur, we also offer slats and padlocks for self-creation of obstacles. High quality workmanship and universal fasteners will ensure fruitful workouts for a long time.

To keep arrangement and safety on the training site, you will be helped by pole racks. To enable trouble-free transport of such heavy elements – our offer also includes a pole trolley. It is equipped with pneumatic wheels, a canopy with a cover and a basket for padlocks. The wheels have a lock.

An important element of the training infrastructure of a professional stable is a carousel for horses. It works well both as a complement to training and a dose of movement for horses that, for example, have a less active day. We offer this device in a version for 4 – 5 – 6 horses. At the customer's request, it is possible to choose any type of control and arm extension. The device is made of galvanized steel, which significantly prolongs its service life. The dimensions have been developed based on the optimal divisions of space necessary for the training of our horses.

Our team, realizing how important it is to properly prepare the ground both in the open park and in the indoor hall – developed 4 types of graders. Graders for sandy substrate (sand, clay, sawdust) and created mainly for the substrate with an admixture of geotextile. The next models are – graders prestige and premium. Types equipped with springs, string shaft and rubber/mesh shaft. A system that allows successively – to move, loosen, tamp and smooth the substrate. The premium version has an additional second row of springs allowing for even more effective work. It is a torsion grader with the ability to adjust the depth of the springs. The guarantee of high quality of our products will allow you to create a perfect training ground for years.