Stable equipment

Stable equipment

All every horse lover dream is a beautiful and functional stable

– our wide range of products will make it a place comprehensively equipped to develop a common passion.

The foundation of a thriving stable is to maintain tidiness, our stable racks are suitable for storing cleaning equipment, care products, but also protectors and other accessories. Also for rugs and saddle cloths we have prepared a special rack that allows them to be stored economically. Taking care of the proper operation of this equipment, we have created an invaluable in every stable – an electric dryer. Dehumidification allows you to minimize the impact of moisture on the development of fungi and microorganisms, also eliminates the formation of unpleasant odors.

A must-have in the stable is, of course, a saddle – here, to facilitate its storage, we offer both stationary stands as well as trolleys. Trolleys are a perfect solution in the stable, they allow you to move all equipment and other accessories freely.

Taking care of the needs of our charges, you will buy from us containers for feed and stable feed trucks. To help in these daily feeding activities, we have prepared – a stable wheelbarrow and a transport trolley.

To make it easier for you to perform veterinary treatments, we have prepared a special veterinary box. Easy to use, it ensures safety and inhibits stress in animals. It is made of galvanized sheet.

Another innovative solution that is chosen by an increasing number of riders, for whom the welfare and health of the horse are a priority is the solarium for horses – available in several variants. A great device, enabling not only quick evaporation of water after washing or training, but also relaxes all parts of the spine and accelerates their regeneration. We provide support in assembly.