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MAXI Comfort Safe

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LED lighting

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About us

Company ALFAKO
was established in 2007

On the initiative of people associated with equestrianism on a daily basis. As horse lovers and at the same time active competitors, we decided to meet the expectations of breeders, riders and horse enthusiasts and create a company with an equestrian profile.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, so in tandem with the highest quality of products goes an affordable price, which is to make the products, which have been unavailable until now, will finally be within reach.

Knowledge of the equestrian environment, participation in sporting events, trade fairs gives us the opportunity to follow the news, confront the expectations of...

Our team, although not many at the moment, is made up of people who are involved with horses on a daily basis and with equestrianism. All friendly, smiling, always offering their help and advice.

We remain open to comments and suggestions from customers. It is for them, after all, that we were established.

"The customer is not a person who disturbs us in our work, he is the goal of our work. We don't do him any courtesy if we serve him well. He is the one who does us a courtesy when he creates an opportunity for us to serve ourselves."

We are steadily developing and due to market demand as of today we are also engaged in the sale of tenant boxes, closet cabinets, safes and armored cabinets. In view of the opportunities we have, we are open to all proposals related to the development of our business.

We look forward to successful cooperation
Team Alfako