Equestrian Lockers

Equestrian Lockers

We offer a wide range of saddle boxes.

Both for everyday use in the stable and trips to competitions. Many years of experience of our team allowed us to prepare solutions for every horse riding enthusiast. From compact and slight mini and mini eco saddle boxes, which we usually recommend for younger enthusiasts who are just starting their adventure with horse riding, to spacious saddle boxes from the maxi series, which will meet the requirements of already experienced riders who value storing everything in one place. People guided primarily by visual values are invited to familiarize themselves with the PRESTIGE line providing modern design.

The boxes have hangers for storing the saddle, bridle, whips and other accessories. Almost all boxes have drawers – their well-thought-out layout allows you to store a large amount of equipment in an organized way. On the sides there are handles very helpful not only in transport, but also are an ideal place to hang a tailcoat or shirt at the competition

Saddle are made in steel or aluminum version. The models most often chosen by you from the MIDI and MAXI series are also offered in the INOX option. Stainless steel used in their production belongs to the group of steels with special properties resistant to corrosion from weather conditions, etc.

When buying a saddle box, you also have the option of choosing wheels. We help in choosing hard or pneumatic ones of the right size allowing you to move freely within the stable or square.

In our offer you will also find additional accessories for the saddle – topboxes, covers and anti-mouse plate. An topbox is an additional storage space (for example, coats and saddle cloths). The covers allows you to protect the saddle against weather conditions and other damage.

For those who prefer practical solutions, we offer one of our most interesting – the LED package. Illuminated interior / drawers will allow you to comfortably use the crate in all conditions. An additional advantage is the USB charger available in the same package.

To meet the needs of our customers and realizing that the saddle boxes is not only a place to keep equipment, but also an element of the stable decor or our showcase at the competition – we are able to personalize each of the saddle boxes according to your individual project – the original color or specially prepared logo, will certainly distinguish the box on trips. After many non-standard implementations, we are able to undertake almost any project.